Wednesday, March 17, 2010

homeward bound

That was the year the plants took over.

It started slowly, an exuberant bed of tulips and a lawn covered in naturalized daffodils, spring bulbs whose flowering season, scent, and even color were amped up, lengthened, exaggerated for dramatic effect.

As the lilacs riotously came into bloom, the scent was so overwhelming as to knock unwary cyclists into the gutter, and caused several women to prematurely go into labor. The roses played their part, even the high maintenance tea roses growing with such profusion and enthusiasm that fences were covered in blooms and front porches obscured from view.

To say that lawns were lush and verdant would be a gross understatement; they were a vibrant emerald green from the first warm day of spring, grew thickly even in the darkened shade of ancient trees, and required twice weekly cutting in order to not choke the lawn mowers.

alternating between The Economist and Vogue

planning martini-bocce-lilac picnics!