Saturday, February 27, 2010


and et & :
A consideration of the commercial applications of this tiny piece of typography, which has recently experienced a revival in popularity. Since this is a project of long consideration but only recent realization, the image collection will grow as ampersands are captured and cataloged from travels near and far -- and therefore it is completely erratic and unpredictable, depending, as it does, on travels, travels with camera, and travels with camera and actually using camera. Once sufficient examples exist, a slideshow will be embedded in the margin of the page; in the interim, the curious would best view the images (& captions, if there is need of excess procrastination from vacuuming or lawn mowing) at the host site.


onward & upward

directions for page layout software! Soon, the proofs!

the tips of trees are changing color, buds are beginning to swell, in short, March arrives like a lion