Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Start at the hardware store. April's early spring do it yourself project: build a cedar planting box. Supplies: cedar planks, saw, nails. Useful accessories: measuring tape, ruler, hammer. Over-achievers may consider acquiring sand paper in a variety of grits. Following completion of planter, purchase potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, seeds, and/or seedlings. Useful seed catalogs to consider are J. L. Hudson, La Honda, CA, and Fedco, Waterville, ME.
Estimated time to complete project: 2-4 hours. Estimated cost of project, including wood, dirt, and plants: $25, subject to variation in taste and desired plantings.

Actual time to complete project: 12 hours, in addition to seven hours sent at the emergency room following a sawing incident. Actual cost of planter, including wood, dirt, and plants: $75, in addition to $50 emergency room copay and $18 copays at each follow-up visit. Cost of purchasing a cedar planter and seedlings: $30.

Side benefit of project: cute emergency room doctor.

how quickly the calendar fills!

ha! take that mid-Atlantic! and that!