Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the beloved particular

The room remains empty. The room continues to remain empty for another seven or eight minutes, but the audience is aware through the lowered auditorium lights that the action has begun. No tricks with lighting or music are enacted: seven or eight minutes of quiet inaction. Be careful of noises backstage, lest they carry outward.
After this interval has passed (not to be shorter than seven minutes), footsteps are heard, shuffling bare feet on a staircase, walking in a robust pattern that implies a heaviness, a lack of balance, either from an afternoon nap or an early stiff martini. Slowly the footsteps approach the visible stage, and a woman, hair disheveled, wearing a bathrobe (slightly tattered), with bare feet, enters. She is of indeterminate age, and looks confused and disoriented, a result of sleep or drink, or possibly both.

reading top google keywords for DYP! (poem form by Pippi):
new life policy
notes drink december pudding
november past coffee
april october aubergine
due car step
love missed postcard

weather cold frigid bitter brittle windy crusts of snow stay inside eat carbs and dairy and sleep weather