Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the pros&cons

Other pros, renegades, go freelance, preferring the freedom and flexibility of the self-employed con to the enabling but emasculating support system of the pro. They give up corporate jets and preferred flier status and prepared itineraries, taking on the risks and headaches of commercial aviation and with it the ability to become someone else at the exchange of a briefcase, the acquisition of an overcoat, the assumption of a sports car, the rearranging of a name. The freelance con has an array of business cards, fit for every occasion, a network of partners available for temporary hire or delegated subcontracting, a freedom from quarterly meetings and graphs of financial expectations. The freelance con has charisma, subtlety, and improv tactics that the pro can only dream of.

Sometimes the con flirts with becoming a pro again: the bagels and orange juice provided every Friday morning. Sometimes the freelance con considers rejoining the system, supported by a bankroll padded by friendly insiders, freed from organizing the minutia of the details. Sometimes the freelance con solves the conundrum with a bit of lucrative consulting for the pros: a five star hotel, chauffeur, bagels and orange juice, a well endowed cheque in payment for conceptual services rendered. Win-win-win.

the magical Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
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let it snow
let it snow
let it snow