Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Start over, but do so by staying in place, by re-ordering the outside universe rather than trying to erase the lines of reality. Start over by embracing new experiences and identities rather than hiding in the cocoon of comfort, by greeting the outside world with open hearted compassion and generosity of a type usually reserved for the politeness of strangers. Start over by allowing the stories you've heard before to sound new again, and re-scripting the stories that have been told a thousand times to change the metaphor, the hero, the villain. Start over, at home, in the family, within the community, by leaving and returning, emptying and refilling, discarding and replacing, repainting, polishing, waxing. Start over, turn the page, turn down the blanket, reset the clocks, refold the napkins.

Start over, breathe deeply, and begin.

Heifer International Christmas catalog

Ugh. You try shoveling five inches of heavy wet snow with a bum wrist, and report back on the experience.