Thursday, September 3, 2009


In short, who was their god? Was he a he? A she? Gendered? Multi-gendered? Did gender even figure as a question or concern? Was the god a wrathful god or a loving god or an impassive god or merely a state of mind or a metaphor for the vast power of the universe? Were they naked only when actively communing with this god, and don straw hats and woven trousers when hunting and or gathering? Did the god encourage celibacy or procreation or kidnapping small children or adopting orphans or sacrificing offspring (causing the sect to die out after a generation or so)? Was it a trickster god, an oracle, a god found from the consumption of mushrooms or natural gasses, a god of the typhoon season or a god of the harvest or the god of the heavens? Did the god pay attention, visit earth, exist in bodily form?

on the forming of the letters of the alphabet (from an edition job):
"Engrave them, carve them, weigh them, permute them, and transform them, and with them depict the soul of all that was formed and all that will be formed in the future."
-- The Sefer Yetzirah

idyllic September: fresh apples, brisk mornings, mellowing warm afternoons and evenings suffused with golden sunlight