Tuesday, September 1, 2009

and all the boards did shrink

Yes, I know that the image quality varies from mediocre to rather bad and that the sound quality is distinctly sub-par.

Yes, I am aware that the focus isn't always reliable.

Yes, it did occur to me that four minutes of listening to and watching a variety of water sources might be tedious. That's why it isn't eight minutes long. If the viewer becomes bored, think of pirates, or sea monsters, or man-eating fish, or the adventures of Jacques Cousteau.

Yes, I would prefer a super-8 film camera. And also a VW camper van, in chartreuse.

film schedule notes from a showing of a work by Bill Brown, media creator extraordinaire and a fantastically nice guy [wikipedia here]

How can July and September be separated only by August? They seem worlds apart.