Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It must be true, it must have happened, I was there, I have photographs, memories, images captured on film. Are you quite certain you were there? You don't appear in any of the photographs, film shots, or memories. Of course, if you claim to have been there, you must have, although your memory and the officially recognized archive version are distinctly at odds. At the end of the day, the historical record wins out, memory dissipates and changes and is reshaped by time and accumulated experiences.

But for now, yes, I'll agree you were there, for the purposes of this particular instant. We were both there, but my memories take precedence. I have the data, I'm the narrator. Wait -- stop -- you can't just take the pen like that, draw lines through my notes, lists, and annotate the cross references between recorded media. I don't think the historical record cares one iota if she was badly dressed, if he was unaccountably late, if the speaker's teenage daughter was involved with your nephew's best friend's cousin.

to-do lists, emergency phone lists, packing lists, errand lists
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