Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Rather than allowing the mind to swoop and swerve and dash and dally with all the lovely addictive words contained within Webster's; rather than meandering into the territory of those persons adored as founts of new vocabulary words; rather than becoming endlessly lost in the forest of text that is the hallowed hunting and haunting grounds of semiotics and semantics passionistas everywhere; instead allow the mind to refocus on the threads and twirls of those two words and the cousins by proximity.

To trounce, to thrash or punish. Origin unknown. No origin can ever truly be so obscure as to provide nary a hint of its parentage or lineage. A peek at the labors of Mr. Johnson or a delve into the depths of the sacred Oxford English might provide a smidgen of DNA evidence, the concept of paternity, the dropped fingerprint waiting by the scene indicating the presence of something else. And thus would go the entire evening, lost to the pleasures of letterforms and the puzzling options of language use chosen by the compilers. It would provide neither character nor plot, would preclude any forlorn hope of dialogue or development, and thus would the sunset descend upon another day lost in the web of obscurity.

How lovely when amazing artist's books are issued in trade editions; especially when one knows the artist, and / or friends own the high-end version.
Very well done: ABC3D
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the days of summer when cool lingering mornings give way to sultry afternoons and unceasing evenings of brilliant clouds