Sunday, June 21, 2009

a missed deadline

Obviously, deadlines as conceptual constructs are nothing new; I'm now a week past one deadline and 5 weeks past another, and hereby enlist the assistance of the general readership for the former.

Please let me know your 2-3 favorite pieces from the past year. There's no need to actually try to reprocess or reread the available text, just a note mentioning whatever happens to remain in the brain, such as "ooo, I liked the Lego one", or "Dear Ms Aubergine, your methods of declining proposals are truly revolutionary for the consideration of the end times of future relationships."

Opinions may be sent to the author by whatever form of communication you prefer. If you aren't sure how to contact the author, perhaps you shouldn't (although the bio page has an email link). She prefers telegrams (although not singing telegrams); Morse Code; skywriting with aeroplanes; and messages in code presented using a surveying map, compass, and dodgy characters in back alleyways.

Please send correspondence by Thursday a fortnight ago.