Thursday, June 4, 2009

fatigue is a mysterious thing

With the wad of cash, calm the enemies, secure alliances, watch the sun set from a riverboat, free a hostage, clear the land of mines, clean a river, make a film, hire a roofer, replaces fishing nets with dolphin friendly models, send a man to the moon, invent petrochemical variations for modern applications, plant lettuce, mitigate drought, pay off politicians, build a safer factory, redesign the internal combustion engine, sponsor dark matter research, publish an underground newspaper, produce a radio program, establish a trust, protect a turtle, rebuild a fire station, commission a statue, restore a mural, protect local microclimates, provide vocational training for criminals, enforce local regulations, clean up an oil spill, plant a tree, hire a babysitter.

All of this, from a wad of cash.

that entire printed-word-on-paper-bound-into-a-book concept hasn't really been happening recently

glorious, mostly