Thursday, May 28, 2009

whispering in the dark

The Journey (On The River)

We packed our backpacks with apples and juice and water and crackers and sandwiches and some chocolate chip cookies from the cupboard, even though the cookies were special and we knew we weren't really supposed to take any, but this was an adventure and chocolate chip cookies are essential for river adventures. We were going to see where the river began and the forest ended and where the railroad tracks were born, somewhere deep in the unexplored world that didn't appear on maps.

We had tried paddling to the factory before, and you had climbed to the roof and called out to the forest Halloo! Halloo! and your brother had found a nest of brilliant green lizards napping in the sunlight, and we had climbed the railway bridge and eaten our sandwiches and do you remember your brother trying to jump from the bridge into the river, just because he could, and we had to each take his arms and beg him not to, so instead we found a tree and jumped from the branches into the river, and came home soaking wet and after dinnertime and had promised not to tell -- even though I know you told, that evening, in an excited whisper to your mother.

why read when there are Ginger Rogers / Fred Astaire / Gershwin movies to be seen? the inspiration of tap dancing on roller skates in Central Park

not quite amenable to tap dancing on roller skates in Central Park