Wednesday, April 29, 2009


If nothing significant has happened recently,
go to a travel agent and purchase the airline ticket advertised three down from the top. Do not buy a map or a guidebook before departing, do not buy a map or a guidebook upon arrival; take a train from the airport to the city center, take a cab to the hostel, and walk. Walk to a bus stop and take the bus to the terminus. Find a train for the return trip, exiting at the seventh stop and walking five blocks towards the sun. If it is cloudy, turn left. Once you are in a small neighborhood, buy a sandwich or kebab, sit on a bench, talk to the man selling flowers, ask an old woman pushing her cart how to find the market, buy a new pair of shoes or an old top hat or a sports trophy from 1972 or someone else's high school yearbook. Send a postcard to your best friend from third grade, write a letter to your grandfather even though he died a decade ago, throw your watch into the river, go to the zoo and feed the monkeys. Find a local train to downtown, visit an exorbitant and trendy salon, become the person you see in the mirror, and smile.

from Learning to Love You More [Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher]:
Remember exactly what you were wearing during a recent significant moment.
If nothing significant has happened recently, ...

reading works of Geoff Dyer, which amuse in process but leave a bitter and slightly unsatisfactory aftertaste
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