Thursday, April 2, 2009

police blotter

No one had interacted with either of them, but the youngish one was said to be from Alabama on account of his accent. No one had actually observed the two men together at any time, but it didn’t make sense any other way, two strangers just happening to appear in the same town, at about the same time.
It started around the time of the spring potluck. Usually it was held at the start of the Pentecost season at the Anglican church, but Easter fell late that year and the Ladies Auxiliary and the Altar Guild ladies knew that if they waited too long that the spring potluck would be lost in the Memorial Day barbeque rush, and so it was discussed with the rector, who shrugged indifferently and allowed the engine of the ladies’ planning to continue unchecked. They had been running the community for years; there was no need to interfere now.

reading feigning an interest in “The Shadow of the Winter Palace,” & wishing the Russians were just slightly less intensely morose
weather unequivocal