Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In which the reader pauses in their quest for literary amusement and looks at photographs of Storm King, while waiting somewhat impatiently for the arrival of spring.

Rather than blatantly breaking copyright law, consider incorporating an external soundtrack, in addition to the wind / rustling grass / tree noises which occur unpredictably throughout. Some obvious options might include:

Philip Glass, possibly Island (Glassworks, 1982) or Metamorphosis (Solo Piano)
otherwise anything by Kaki King, Massive Attack, or Spiritualized
or, if you must, Bob Dylan

Technology can be used both for good and for evil; and I must admit that this is an example of a less admirable use thereof. Demerits for over-use of Ken Burns effect, unsteady movie quality due to lack of gloves, and the need to be ruthlessly cut to about half the length -- the original intention was to only have the moving clips of the mobiles, trees, and grass -- but I was seduced by the beauty of the setting.

However, the general B movie effect of low-resolution film clips taken with the digital camera (which thus resembles 1960s documentaries) is an interesting result that merits further study.

reading Outliers [Gladwell], which raises some interesting points in an easily digestible manner

weather moody, somehow fitting for the time of year. Depressive skies set off by flamboyant daffodils, random bits of snow, and the overall threat of rain. The off-stage organist is about to break into the soundtracks for one of the gothic silent films -- Nosferatu or Phantom of the Opera or whatnot -- and we will all cringe before the terror of . . . .