Thursday, April 16, 2009

diacritical markings

issuing false foreclosures and forged condemnation notices to homeowners throughout the district and then repurposing the properties as, variously, a private gambling hall; a reenactment of a speakeasy; an opium den; a house of ill repute; an orphanage; a greenhouse for rare orchids; a greenhouse for the cultivation of medicinal herbs; a distillery; an unaccredited institute of secondary education offering coursework solely in Latin and Greek, with breaks and luncheons conducted in Italian, excepting on Thursdays, when all courses and breaks are in Portuguese (Brazilian); an animal shelter for three legged domestic pets; an a home for unwed mothers over the age of thirty;

The most amazing article published in the New York in some time --
"The python’s potential range is roughly a third of the contiguous United States."

almost, almost, almost gin and tonics
and, oh!, do I miss parties where everyone was sloshed on Pimm's!