Thursday, March 5, 2009

the house not on the corner

Now it is well manicured, landscaped, straightened and tidied to reveal the lack of personality of the current residents, their focus on upkeep and traditionalism over all other considerations of preference or taste. There are no annuals decorating the front steps or mailbox; no roses or hibiscus or crepe myrtle; no obvious vegetable garden; no scattered children's toys or dog accessories; no broken-down car on blocks; no accumulation of rubbish; no newspaper drying in the morning dew.
The house itself sits solemnly in its yard of silence, the paint neither peeling nor new; the windows neither streaked nor shiny; the shades partially drawn, neither concealing nor revealing. No car disturbs the asphalt on the driveway; no bicycle leans against the porch; the flag on the mailbox is not raised. It is impossible to tell who lives here, the size of the family, their background, history, aspirations, culture, social rank: only that they aspire to remain unobtrusive, discreet.

reading Cooking with Fernet Branca, by James Hamilton-Paterson, a contemporary P.G. Wodehouse

weather snow sun and some rain