Wednesday, February 4, 2009

la semana

There was a sharp and pointed argument between the Wednesday faction and the Thurgood faction, and it had escalated to kamikaze Barbies being launched from a catapult in the attic against GI Joe figures scattered like land mines over the stairs and in the doll house. Before the matchbox cars and sea monkeys could become involved, the front door opened.
The sharp click of heels on the entry way could only indicate the arrival of grandmother, who took one look at the dog sleeping by the radiator, and called out crisply: "Faraday, come."

To everyone's surprise, he smartly pranced across the room and sat neatly at her feet. The grandmother reached down, scratched him behind the ears, then rose to remove her coat and gloves. Faraday returned to his post in the living room by the radiator as she entered the kitchen, intent on making a cup of tea and finding out why, exactly, there was a new dog in the living room, and where it had come from, and who was claiming responsibility.

reading The Invention of Air | the author had a splendidly convincing interview on NPR

weather messy and unnecessary and character building perhaps