Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Cause:Sailing in a protected cove without a life vest.

A thoroughly unexpected and unseasonal typhoon descends upon the region, throwing one from the boat, destroying the coastline, and disturbing the nesting plovers.
In extraordinary circumstances, boat is turned into firewood, but manage to survive by clutching at one plank and miraculously landing in a tree. Convert to one of the world's four major religions out of gratitude, and spend the rest of one's life on a pilgrimage to holy sites for sailors.

Dabble in online scrabble as a means of increasing one's skills against one's aunt and brother.

Switch to high stakes Texas Hold 'Em for the thrill of the higher pay-offs, and retire from a job as an administrative secretary in a pharmaceutical company to live off one's earnings from the game.
In extraordinary circumstances, skip future family holidays to play at poker championships throughout the world.

performance schedules for the area / sparse indeed in January

When the weather man stated "lows around 5 or 6 above," what I heard was "5 or 6 above freezing;" it was only later that I realized it was "5 or 6 above zero." Ah, delusional optimism. Only four more months of winter!