Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Portus Cale

A world circumscribed by the market on Wednesdays, the fresh fish, the gossip at the butcher's, the attendance of Mass, a weekly afternoon ladies' tea, the calendar and the map formed by a host of small details, woven so tightly together that the outside world disappears. When some ambitious boy tears through the net, breaks free, the villagers are simultaneously impressed with his bravery, his ambition, while feeling rejected, discarded. When a girl departs, it is even more difficult to allow her to leave, to water her resolutely turn towards the city or a man and fall into the reach of the treacherous worldliness awaiting her.
But for the sons! The tears of heartbreak mixed with the swelling of appreciation, leading to this one point: the moment of return, for a week, for a month, for a year; for Christmas or to raise a family; the moment to judge the man who returned against the boy who went away.

reading many Dover pattern books

weather cold cold cold