Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The instructor has dirty nails, mouse brown hair that isn't interesting enough to be considered styled, wears chinos that are neither new nor old. The radiators under the window swoosh on, a hissing whistle accompanied by creaks, groans, and clangs which awaken some of the nearer students. Slowly the temperature of the room rises, lulling everyone into a semi-somnolent stage where the information is subconsciously processed but never overtly remembered.
The class could be team-taught, or use animated videos, or use actual clips instead of stills, or the teacher could have a young assistant in a bikini, or a soundtrack, or could hand out free samples of candy or soda or pens or cereal or shampoo. The room could be repainted, or cleaned, the windows washed or the trash cans emptied, the plastic seats replaced with upholstery, the ancient and scarred desks replaced, the peeling linoleum torn out, the clock sped up.

inspired by: George Leonard Herter
on the plane: Nick Hornby "How to Be Good" / quite successful despite unavoidable plot weaknesses

weather slushy: snow, sleet, rain, and more rain