Friday, November 21, 2008

November 12 : An Epic

He was magnificent: a fine figure of a man. Built upon sturdy lines, the physique of an ox. The cunning of a fox. The temperament of a bear, but mostly of a bear in hibernation. He was projected to go great places, do great deeds, rescue cities from invaders and single-handedly battle dragons, evil empires, organized crime. He was sent out from the town at the age of ten, the sages foretelling success in actions and wisdom.

Unfortunately, sages can be wrong. In fact, sages are often wrong, but they have an agreement with a very talented public relations firm, and their inaccuracies are inevitably spun into all-encompassing metaphors, perfectly dove-tailing into the events which did actually transpire. Their mistake with the ten-year old boy was perfectly understandable given the proper framework.

reading Defining the World : Henry Hitchings {a fantastic biography of Samuel Johnson}
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