Wednesday, October 1, 2008

riding the rails

Always carry a pocket knife. Always waterproof matches. Know how to knot, how to signal with a mirror, how to bind a broken bone or build a tourniquet. Know how to absolve responsibility and how to avoid entrapment. Know how to escape a fight and how to break a nose. Know how to shoot to kill, how to shoot to maim, how to skin a squirrel.
These boys no longer have career days at school that allow for the occupations of Johnny Appleseed and Davy Crockett; the grand colonial explorations and exploitations of the empire have ended; space is not the final frontier, it is a box of gravity-free tedium, and bad food and bladder issues. The only modern route for an explorer is to disappear into the cracks of the uncharted lands of civilization, to fall between the rails. To follow in the footsteps of thieves, bandits, petty criminals, murderers, the criminally insane, the physically unusual, and disappear into the smoke and mirrors beyond dry cleaned shirts and fortnightly spreadsheets.

No time for literature, but finished mock-up #1 (the rough draft) of the portfolio. Since the portfolio project was assigned a black three ring notebook, the binding is simple black bookcloth, with cutouts on the front and back inside (holding business cards, postcards, brochures, and four accordion books showing work), and a mirror of the binder effect holding in a booklet (describing the images in the accordion books) loose in the spine.

Portfolio #2 will be the designed portfolio, featuring shibori green paper, chartreuse goatskin, and better craftsmanship. It won't be given away to the town arts group, either.

perfect, but who is ready for October?