Wednesday, July 9, 2008

whether weather whither

The marriage was like that, these days; in those hedonistic early days, it was all about the glory of dawn and fresh croissants from the local bakery and delicately steamed espresso served in Art Deco mugs. Then, one winter, oatmeal took over: it was cold outside, and drafty in that garret apartment, and oatmeal was good and right and proper: heart healthy and nourishing. Then weekend omelets filled with goat cheese and fresh veggies became scrambled eggs, slightly rubbery, slopped onto a plate. Previously homemade bread, toasted, with strawberry jam, was now bought at the store, and burnt in the hurry of the morning scramble to escape each other's company.
But, oh!, the loss of affection was most starkly noticeable in the coffee. Perfectly timed espresso, piping hot; warmed, foamy milk became efficient French press, and then Mr Coffee on a preset timer. Even with decent beans, automatic drip lacked passion, romance, and fire. The mug was slightly stained, and the handle chipped.

reading Not all tarts are apple / Pip Granger
weather July heat and humidity in one convenient package