Wednesday, July 2, 2008

considering crows

Morning traffic passes under, primarily drivers eager for the rush to arrive to end so that the threat of the day can be laid to rest and the annihilation of a televised evening provide respite from the false reality they were packaged and sold and now consume in forty hour doses each week. The canine brigade passes under the lines, noses so attuned to squirrels and cats and scraps and competition that they fail to notice the line of birds in the parallel plane above, the reality of the bird and the reality of the dog intersecting only in the tangible taste of an abandoned pizza crust. The humans on the other end of the leash absorbing the morning through the bitter sharpness of coffee, the chirp of the crosswalk, the roughness of the leash, the early glare of the sun, the promise of a day of tasks, all clamoring for attention more specifically than the row of crows, waiting above, on a line across the road. The crows watching the recurring pattern of the street, echoing it in their own daily habits and providing counterpoint to the rhythms below.

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