Saturday, May 10, 2008

new beginnings

Shake the magic-8 ball of answers. Please try again. Try again. Not sure. Try again. It is certain.

Personalities remain malleable until the age of thirty. The past is not the future. Fate is note written in the stars. God doesn't engage.

Roll the dice. Accept the seven and then take account of all that can be created in, around, and through the four dots and the three dots, or the five and the two, or the six and the solo.
Save for a rainy day, and rejoice in the thunderstorm. Sail into the sunset, but remember the sunblock and the life preserver. If nothing is ever final, then the shifting mosaics can be rearranged at will in the present to reflect the same reality in a reconfigured frame.

The ending is yesterday, this morning; the beginning is now. And now. And now. And now. Any point is a point of embarkation, every departure an entrance into commencement.
Watch. Listen. Act. Be. Embrace. Escape. Detach. Live.

reading a paean to rooftops
weather delicately cloudy