Thursday, May 15, 2008

est arrivé!

So much promise hides in the unsorted nooks of the spring book sale, where futures are sold for under a dollar, each volume seducing the buyer with an escape into another self. Teddy's Party is the birthday party always desired; The Tale of the Body Thief activates the otherwise sedate life of the beautician; mothers buy new offerings in bulk, hoping to buy a few moments of peace, into which they can squeeze stolen tastes of The Joy Luck Club.

How many people will buy a book they already know, grasping at a past they remember and desire to recapture, a sense of loss fulfilled by replacing a missing Latin dictionary or Reader's Digest Complete Home Repair? Pies Made Easy will ensure Thanksgivings to remember; and A Villa in Tuscany keeps the dream alive.

reading Learning to Love You More
weather the gorgeousness of May: cocktails and early suntans and bliss