Thursday, May 15, 2008

dear reader

It's been fun. Really it has. For me, too.

But we need to spend some time apart.

The material balance of our relationship needs to be readjusted.
Less ink on the page and more grammar and structure and layout,
to be followed by some type of physical production.

That's the purpose here, really, though you may not be able to tell.
Grist for the mill that has no financial outcome, but there are several calls for entry for artist's books that won't be responded to unless, well, there suddenly appears an artist book to submit.

So there might be pictures or random observations, but a hiatus on written material until early July.

Yes, I'll think of you fondly.

reading Fowler's Modern English Usage
weather there is a scent which I associate with early summer in New England, a combination of new grass, newly mown, and the freshness of trees after the rain, and a background of flowers and cars and, well, summer. It's almost here.