Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Twelve Step Program for Writers

Step Twelve

While the fire of poetry may continue to burn in the deepest recesses of the soul; while a dark and stormy night may offer temptations to wallow in gothic imagery; while mysterious strangers and found letters and bits of eavesdropped conversations may offer constant temptation to return to the closeted life of a writer: remember that we are all weak, that through constant vigilance, and intentional worldly engagement, even the most deeply rooted heinous obsessions can be purged from within. Keep an active list of substitute entertainments, and remember that everyone occasionally falls into an accidental couplet.

You are free.

Inspired by:
Twelve steps to practical problem solving
Paul Polak: "Out of Poverty: What works when traditional approaches fail", 2008

Proust, beginning to end
The wonderful thing about How I Make A Living is being able to listen to audio books all day.

April showers and all that