Saturday, March 22, 2008

in springtime

Points of consideration for the increase of personal contentment.

1. The most fabulous tattoo in the world.
Per an interview on Morning Edition, there exists a guy who has a composition by John Cage tattooed around his forearm.

2. Contemplations of the past.
In which high school memories of the Pachebel Canon in D are revisited.
There was a group led by an intrepid leader who would busk to this song, performing string quartet variations on public streets. I would say "those were the days," but can't, quite.

3. Public Art
Or, art from public spaces. This was first found on the blog of Mo, then made it's way through the MA Cultural Council grapevine, and well illustrates the different perceptions in how and where and why those who make a living in the field of the "arts" perceive space and real estate as compared to the expectations of those with a more traditional life view and income.
See: The offical page for art entries on this topic.

"This exhibit is open to any artist who wishes to make a statement about the inspiration to be found in industrial areas, about where artists are happy living and working or about the difficulties that we face in finding affordable, suitable places to live and work. For those who live in New England, we invite you to come, find and use as inspiration, anything within 1/8 mile of the Western Avenue Studios Complex. But it isn’t necessary to come to Lowell - we invite you to find inspiration in your particular industrial area."

4. Book Arts and Culinary Arts
It's time for the annual Edible Book Show and Tea. If you haven't participated in the past, there is no time like the present.
See: Columbia College's page

The bookmaker's daughter : a memory unbound / Shirley Abbott.
      Almost about bookbinding.
"The next thing he told her was also true, except that for her it was a story. He said that he earned his living -- and the cash to pay for sharp-looking red cars -- as a bookmaker. And she imagined that he sat in a room somewhere all day, stitching up book bindings with a thread and needle. Besides the Bible and her schoolbooks, she had hardly seen ten books in her life, but she revered them, treasured them not only for what they contained but as material objects. She was overjoyed to meet a person who actually made them."

The man who made lists : love, death, madness, and the creation of Roget's Thesaurus / Joshua Kendal
Then we came to the end : a novel / Joshua Ferris.
Things I've learned from women who've dumped me / edited by Ben Karlin

weather not bad, perhaps.