Thursday, March 6, 2008


Sometimes the catalyst is for passion, for intellectual or physical engagement of one person or one philosophy to the full containment of one's being: eat, dream, wake, think, read, and in all things, the Passion is all that is tasted, dreamt, seen, smelt, cogitated upon. Only the Passion is, as powered by the catalyst.
A catalyst is the essential ingredient without which the entire reaction would never occur. Chemically inert, absent from the fundamental order and nature of the changes happening, but so intrinsically necessary that everything grinds to a halt in the absence of the presence.

Not all catalysts bring about desirable changes of state. Of course, anyone who has every observed the chemical reaction of a catalyst relationship from the stability of the external world could argue that almost no change brought about by a chemical explosion is worthwhile. Some catalysts, though, are exceptionally notable for the damage they cause, merely by an accident of person and place aligning to cause essential mayhem in the order of the universe.

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