Monday, February 4, 2008

Big Day Preps

February is full of big days.

Groundhog Day. {He saw his shadow. I didn't see my shadow, it was cloudy. Thus, we ignore the groundhog and follow my wiser and more considered opinion.}

The Super Bowl. {Can I just say that I saw this coming?}

Mardi Gras. {Woo-hoo! Crepes and brandy.}

Super-duper Tuesday. {Vote early and often, but only if you support Obama. Otherwise, stay home. It's cold outside.}

Ash Wednesday. {read Eliot and think of mortality.}

Lent. {This year will give up self-criticism.}

Valentine's Day {after Lent? why? 'tis harsh, 'tis cruel.}.

Lincoln's Birthday. Washington's Birthday. President's Day.

Minor events conflated into major occasions by the deep and heartfelt desire for winter to conclude.

reading contentment in a sink full of suds
weather yes, of course, yet more snow