Thursday, January 10, 2008

sushi and such

When dining a deux, sans voce, there is only one answer.

Consequences: the literary exquisite corpse

LITERARY GENRE: ________________________
{noir, bodice ripper, detective fiction, etc., announced at start}

HER: ________________
{fold over and pass}
HIM: ________________
{fold over and pass}
She said, "___________________"
{fold over and pass}
To which he replied, "_______________________"
{fold over and pass}
The consequence of this was that: _____________________
{fold over and read aloud}

In the version which I was taught -- in a train between Florence and Rome -- I think that the gender orders were reversed, so we met the hero, then the heroine, and he spoke first, and she responded. But being liberated and such, women now make the first move.

I. {Forgot to announce a genre}
Her: A woman in red, waiting at the dry cleaners for her black business suit.
Him: One of the Malagee pirates ... an orphan ... snaggle-toothed, curly haired, muscular, and unhappy. Searching for crime.
She said: "Well, that isn't actually the reason I accosted you in this way. Normally I refrain from begging local firemen for immediate assistance, and the parson is visiting his sainted aunt, so you, though a stranger, are the only one I can rely upon."
To which he replied, "I totally think it'd be awesome to go to the other place. My nails are like really the wrong color and they clash with the Pepto-Bismol shade of this burb lane snot-hole, babe."
The consequence of this action was that the entire town saw the mad dash of the farmer and his wife around the courtyard square with a cleaver. The woman observed to the man, as the passing couple darted by, "Darling, I refuse to let you keep swine or cattle."

II. Cyber-space
Her: Furry-clad one-woman tank-driving army. Bug-eyed goggles. Cigar with lipstick colors in five different shades up and down its shaft. A woman on a mission. A woman staring straight ahead at the sunlight, not looking where she's driving. Over one nipple is tattooed LIVE FREE. Over the other is tattooed OR DIE. She wears no shirt.
Him: He had hacked into his first Atari at the age of seven. By fifteen he had rewritten the Microsoft operating code, and launched and lost a thousand games. But this was only in the mornings, for the true desire and light of his life was his bicycle. Most girls didn't understand. He needed, he craved, a girl on wheels. Literally. At least rollerskates. So he founded CraigsList, searching, hoping.
She said, "I can't believe it's you here the nerve to show up here after you totally let the commune mainframe get hacked by the Weasels. You rat! Taking snow on the job! That day they burnt through the wall all I could think was, great, I'm homeless, and it's YOUR fault!
To which he replied, "I thought we were destined to never meet. You live in Estonia, with a husband and three children, yet you fly across the seas to meet me in Shanghai. I recognized you at once. Yes! You are my one true love. But we can never meet again. You lied about your height, weight, and eye color. I'm sorry."
The consequence of this action was that she accepted his proposal and became a partner in the project so that together they forged the greatest encyclopedia of all time which preserved the knowledge of all 42 alternate dimensions of fire.

Netflix queue, top dozen:

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
Taxi Driver
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Train Man: Densha Otoko
Chori Chori
Chan at Monte Carlo/Behind That Curtain
Shaolin Soccer
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