Monday, December 31, 2007


Elegy. To all the men I never kissed.

Let us not discuss all the men I would have preferred to not kiss. They may be consigned to the dustbins of memory, fragments which retain their power by what they lacked as much as for what they provided.

But those whose kiss remains an unknown, enigmatic, mysterious passage between two souls: the link that might have been but never was.

I wanted to love you; but you were always and only you, and the me in your eyes was only a fragment of light across the pavement, the flash of light between skyscrapers. You saw only my reflection. I held only your shadow.

When I woke, the indentation on the pillow was the memory of the head which was never there.

The missed opportunities, the pause that could have been significant, the glance that faltered, the conversations whose halting words masked both intent and confusion. I wanted you, but perhaps I only wanted to want you, and only wanted you to want me.

Ghosts moving across evening light.


reading why isn't my handwriting more legible? and when did I forget how to spell? (Blame the Brits.)
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