Monday, November 12, 2007

on longevity

What is the rest of one's life? How does the body change and morph over time? How are we perceived?

How effective is pancake make-up?


In conceptual order.

I. finis
indigo blue, all lower case, serif font (Bookman Old Style or Garamond)
just above tailbone, 4 inches in width (approximately 2" high?)

II. &
yes, as in the ligature for "et", serif font unknown, black
just above smallpox vaccination scar, approximately 2" high (1" wide?)

III. vivamus atque amemus
black, all caps (Perpetua titling, Goudy old style)
right ankle, all encircling, less than 1" high


In order.

1. Might be the beginning of: (1) total punctuation spree; and/or (2) total ligature spree

2. Pain.

3. Expense

But am I a mouse?

reading accumulated emails: Remembrance Day equals notes from friends of yore
weather damn cold