Friday, November 16, 2007

the list as a poem

I am becoming more comfortable with the mundane list as an existential consideration of life priorities. The list is the most conceptual rendering of who we are that is possible -- and, yes, it was the To Do List blog that brought this completely unconsidered notion to my attention. What this means is that I might start saving my lists. Within reason. And with full permission to destroy them completely when a purge is required.
After two and a half years of a friend's perseverance, the writing group is a reality, and I am finally reconsidering the nature of text as something other than a very sharp, multi-edged knife, one where even the handle can cut you.

reading anything and everything published by Gaspereau Press, a life altering discovery
the current library list (really):
      The rough guide to MontrĂ©al /
        written and researched by Arabella Bowen and John Shandy Watson.
      Lolita [sound recording] / Vladimir Nabokov.
      War and peace / by Leo Tolstoy ;
        translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhons
      Salamander / Thomas Wharton.
      Icefields / Thomas Wharton.
      Lost in Austen : create your own Jane Austen adventure /
        Emma Campbell Webster.
      The new book of image transfer :
        how to add any image to almost anything with fabulous results /
          Debba Haupert
      The glass books of the dream eaters / Gordon Dahlquist.
      Sharp objects : a novel / Gillian Flynn
      The meaning of night : a confession / Michael Cox.

weather so cold the cats are huddled on top of any object of heat and the windows rattle rattle rattle in the wind