Friday, November 2, 2007

The Kensol, The Kelsey, and The Hibiscus

The first chase is set.

Operating under the mistaken impression that we All Need a Friend, I tried placing the Kelsey and the Kensol next to each other in the studio. They appeared to have similar practical natures and functions, and I assumed they would get along well -- be able to swap shop gossip and the like.

I was wrong. (You, o heartless cynic!, saw this coming.) They got into a HUGE argument regarding the benefits of gilt versus technicolor ink, the Kensol let out a temperamental blast of heat, and the rollers of the Kelsey now must be recovered. Not inexpensive.

So much for trying to introduce a bit of congeniality into the workplace.

The hibiscus, which has received an inordinate amount of individual attention due to its First Houseplant status, requires outside assistance. The outside being you, the reader, who hopefully has some knowledge of household horticulture.

What are these little deposits? They don't crawl or fly, and seem to be associated only with the blossoms. Help!

reading grant applications -- requested total: $36,000; amount provided to the city for cultural enrichment: $7,530

weather not as bad as expected and an amazing sunset