Wednesday, November 21, 2007

forbidden fruit

image gratefully borrowed from MoMA

Yes, Montreal was lovely. But it isn't New York.

Alas, I will never be a New Yorker; will ever only be able to view the city through the smudged pane of a train window; have no knowledge whatsoever of the narrow alleys and cracks which form a secret network of intimate knowledge of coffee shops, cafes, movie theatres, off-off-off-off Broadway plays. One must develop acceptance for this candy-store without a nickel situation, though it is awfully embarrassing to constantly leave fingerprints and nose-smudges on the windows.

Alexander Calder at MoMA
Helvetica at MoMA
graphic modernism at the NYPL
Lawrence Weiner at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Consolation prize: living in the valley of the literate.


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