Monday, October 15, 2007

a promotion, of sorts

Ferdinand, he who can do no wrong, just worked his way through the cell phone power cord. Again. It will soon be sent to the in-house electrician for additional repairs, along with the Dormeyer Mixwell, which requires new brushings. One day I will need to become proficient in electrical repairs. Hopefully that day remains in the far distant future. He was eyeing the laptop umbilical cord, but decided to content himself with purring gently.

So my job title has recently changed from "Conservator in Private Practice" to "Technical Art Historian, Freelance". My rates, likewise, have seen an increase of approximately 27.5%, in keeping with the expectations of this new title. This means that my business cards will need to be reprinted, but such mundane details are quite minor compared to the truly astounding conceptual shift of "Technical Art History". I mean, where did it come from? And why? And why has this new term not been discussed in any of the literature? Or do I read the wrong literature?


reading: Katha Pollitt, "Learning to Drive"

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